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Some Well-Known Wolverines

Wolverines are ferocious animals whose legendary toughness has led to abundant references in modern culture. Some of the more high-profile examples include:

The University of Michigan
One of the world’s foremost universities, its renowned sports teams are known as the Michigan Wolverines®. In addition to a massive alumni base, millions of loyal fans follow Michigan Athletics around the world.

Marvel® Entertainment / 20th Century Fox
The popular Wolverine® superhero from Marvel’s books, movies and licensing is also a key character played by Hugh Jackman in the successful "X-Men" movies.

Wolverine® Boots and Shoes
Since 1883, the company’s products have been known for their exceptional quality. Wolverine® is an international success story with its rugged footwear, apparel and outdoor gear.

Sports Nations and Beyond

The first use of the term “nation” to describe a large and loyal population of followers began in the early 1980s when the passionate Oakland Raider fanbase became known as “Raider Nation”. Since that time, “nations” of dedicated supporters have become ubiquitous in contemporary culture.

Virtually every professional and collegiate sports organization has its own “nation” of fans. Websites such as,, and provide unique opportunities for unifying, branding and marketing.

ESPN offers a comprehensive site at and a "SportsNation" television series. Although the company had no exclusive right to the term, a section entitled "WolverineNation" appeared briefly on its website. Currently, the site features the term, "College Football Nation". Other fan-centric sites such as (Time Warner) and (VOX) cover the entire world of sports.

Today, the "nation" concept has evolved and expanded far beyond the boundaries of sports. A few prominent examples include (the world's largest producer of live events), (online and television) and (online and radio).

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