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Wolverines are powerful predators resembling small bears. They can be found primarily in colder climes such as Siberia, western Russia, Alaska, northern Canada and the Nordic countries. They exhibit a strength and tenacity much greater than their size might suggest.

These ferocious animals and their legendary toughness have resulted in abundant references in modern culture. Some of the more high-profile examples include:

Marvel® Entertainment / 20th Century Fox
The popular Wolverine® superhero from Marvel’s books, movies and licensing is also a key character played by Hugh Jackman in the successful "X-Men" movies.

The University of Michigan
One of the world’s foremost universities, its renowned sports teams are known as the Michigan Wolverines®. In addition to a massive alumni base, millions of loyal fans follow Michigan Athletics around the world.

Wolverine® Boots and Shoes
Since 1883, the company’s products have been known for their exceptional quality. Wolverine® is an international success story with its rugged footwear, apparel and outdoor gear. is a premium domain name. There are no US registered trademarks for the term "Wolverine Nation" or "WolverineNation". For more information, please visit: